Why Wallhack

WallHack Institute is a subsidiary of Elite Education Group which was founded in year 2012, aiming to provide quality online tutoring courses, enrichment courses to students ranging from the age of 7 to 19.

Our Mission

We intent in becoming your trusted online learning partner by assisting students in the process of acquiring knowledge in this new normal by taking classes beyond four walls, fusing the best elements of face-to-face and virtual learning to bring you a seamless and engaging experience.

Borderless Learning in New Normal

We strive to create borderless learning experience for students in Malaysia via innovative and adaptable pedagogical approach developed by our skilled educators.

Our Soul & Heart

WallHack was established on our founders’ vigorous passion in transferring knowledge to the future pillars of our country. WallHack is composed of a team of esteemed and superb educators. Empowered by decades of experiences and a cluster of highly trained tutors across the education spectrum, we vow to provide the best online education services to the future pillars of our country.

Core Values

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Instil Universal Values

We are committed to instil universal values in children for them to develop the values, principles and ethics that are respected, providing the ethical foundations and social skills that will guide them through life in global community.


We are committed to provide both convenient and effective learning experience to our students in this new normal.

Multi-faceted Learners

We are committed to help the student’s transition into a more independent learner in this new normal by providing the with online resources that are readily available.

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